Who are we?
The Madrasa team

Daniel Dotan, 32 years old, from Tel Aviv. Attorney and parliamentary advisor. Helps with marketing and project management, in addition to providing legal assistance. Supports Maccabi Haifa, writes poetry, and enjoys filmmaking.

מדרסה לימוד ערבית מדוברת חינם  שיעורים

Gal Kramarski, 26 years old, originally from Ramat HaSharon, but now living in Jerusalem . I'll be finishing my first degree (political science and the Middle East and Islamic studies) at the Hebrew University. I love traveling and photographing.

מדרסה לימוד ערבית מדוברת חינם  שיעורים

Vered Keasar, 26 years old, from Jerusalem. I have a BA in Arabic language and literature and a great liking for cats, books and second hand clothing. I help with writing and editing Madrasa’s study material.

Matan Eshed, 26 years old, from Jerusalem. Psychology and Philosophy student at the Hebrew University. Came up with the idea for Madrasa's web platform.Looking for the meaning of life in hummus.

Gilad Sevitt, 25 years old, from Jerusalem. Student at the Hebrew University. Guides Madrasa courses and works on curriculum development with Yarden. Loves quality music, Buddhism, and spending time with friends after school.

Shem Barashi, 24 years old, from Modi'in. Second year student of sound design and musical production. Photographer, chief editor, and musician for Madrasa. Expert in sound, music, philosophy, and SpongeBob.

מדרסה לימוד ערבית מדוברת חינם  שיעורים

Yarden Lichterman, 21 years old from South Tel Aviv. took part in writing and developing the studying material in Arabic. Her hobbies: riding bicycles and listening to Arabic rap Music. and paying taxes.

מדרסה לימוד ערבית מדוברת חינם  שיעורים

Oren Feld, 25 years old, from Jerusalem. Head of graphic design and creative direction. Likes long walks, cycling, and all kinds of boring healthy things. Deeply involved with Hapoel Katamon.

מדרסה לימוד ערבית מדוברת חינם  שיעורים

Noa Finkelstein, 30 years old. Graphic Designer and Illustrator, based in Jerusalem. I enjoy every form of creation and art, and to get excited with every new project.

מדרסה לימוד ערבית מדוברת חינם  שיעורים

?What is the Madrasa Project

Madrasa is a free web based school for spoken Arabic. Most Hebrew speaking Israelis know little of the Arabic spoken around us. A small portion of us learn Modern tandard Arabic in schools, a beautiful language that is significantly different from its "sister" colloquial Arabic.

Madrasa was created from the need to change this situation. It has a simple format in order to facilitate learning. The website is divided into four steps from beginners to advanced, to enable students to progress at their own pace and according to their individual level. Each level includes 7 interactive videos lasting 30 minutes each. Each lesson includes helpful studying material, like detailed summary of the didactic

material vocabulary and practice exercises.

In addition, the website includes additional materials to enlarge vocabulary and mastery of the language. The website has an active Facebook page to keep up to date with the progress of the course and to receive interesting additional material such as brief films and a weekly proverb. For this reason it is advisable to join the Facebook group, where the Madrasa students exercise together, ask questions and bring their

own material.

20% of the Israeli citizens speak Arabic as their mother tongue. Arabic is an official language of the state of Israel and neighboring countries. Our vision is to improve our communication with the Arab sector and to create conditions where Arabic is not considered a foreign language and certainly not our enemy language.

We invite you to start right away with the first lesson!